Willaris. K has just released two huge tracks

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Willaris. K has just released two huge tracks

We’ve been on Willaris. K bandwagon for a while now and with good reason. His tunes are dark and progressive, his production is crisp and his live show emits tonnes of real energy.

His latest two tunes might sound a little familiar to fans of Willaris. K and that would be because Natural Selection has been played before. Willaris has been playing an unpolished version for up to a year, including in a Triple J mix up amongst other high profile sets.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting new music post his Alchemy EP and the two new tunes, Natural Selection and Cobaki Sky (Prequel) have given us a taste of what we’re hoping is a big ol’ album drop. As per the usual Willaris. K style, the Natural selection is a driving number, somewhere between techno, electro and house, with a constant build throughout that leaves you wanting more. Cobaki Sky (Prequel) by name and style seems to allude to the fact we’re getting more from the alchemist, as it appears to be an intro track, to tease into something huge.

We could talk for days about the guy, but instead we’re going to pop the stream below and let you listen to it yourself! Check it out and tell us what you think, who’s keen for a Willaris. K album?


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