NSW Government passes even tougher laws for Drink and Drug Driving

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NSW Government passes even tougher laws for Drink and Drug Driving

The NSW Government has passed even tougher laws around drink driving and drug driving that’ll mean on the spot loss of license and increased fines for even low-range driving offences and first time drug detections.

The laws set to be introduced at the end of 2018 as part of the Governments ‘Road Safety Plan’ follows a reported 55 deaths due to alcohol related crashes and 81 deaths due to someone with illicit drugs in their system in New South Wales last year according to the Transport NSW web site.

That means regardless of you holding a full license, if you record anything over 0.05 will mean an on the spot fine of $561 and a 3-month suspension. Heavier still are claims of ‘alcohol interlock programs’ for those being caught blowing mid-range, that is anything over 0.08. Alcohol Interlock Programs are those that require a breathalyser test before being able to turn on your car or motorbike.

In short;

– On the spot $561 penalty, plus a 3 month licence suspension for low range drink driving and drug driving first offences.
– Expansion of the alcohol interlock program to mid-range drink drivers
– Vehicle sanctions for high risk, repeat offenders – in addition to other penalties – including licence plate confiscation and vehicle impoundment.

How does this compare globally? Similar limits in terms of the ‘ranges’ dealt with but offences very from convictions with small fines such as those in Canada to jail time in the states depending where you find yourself.

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In short driving is a privilege and you should always take care of you and your passengers so these laws might have an affect on that. Alternatively it’d be great to see the NSW Government look at improving driver education through subsidised advanced courses and support for new and on-going drivers. What about go-karting for kids??


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