Mall Grab’s Boiler Room got re-released with no MC

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Mall Grab’s Boiler Room got re-released with no MC

The people spoke and Boiler Room hath listened. In what could be a Boiler Room first they’ve re-released Mall Grab‘s set from Long Live Southbank but completely void of any MC chat that was happening throughout.

This came after huge amounts of backlash from the community that has brought into question the use of MCs for sets like this. We’ve seen the MC be popular in faster dance styles (UK Hardcore, DnB etc) but the general consensus seems to be a negative one!

His set showed what we’ve been seeing from him lately, a bit of a move from the groovy house experience and a bit more of a foray into a techno and breaksy vibe.

You can grab ol’ mate Mall Grab headlining Output November 24! Check out the full set below and tell us what you think, do MCs still have a place in this day and age?


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