Golden Features channels his lush on huge Odesza Remix

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Golden Features channels his lush on huge Odesza Remix

Golden Features has just dropped what is possibly his biggest remix to date. This time, he’s been given the reins for Odesza’s massive tune Falls.

We’re not going to lie, the remix has quite a few very ‘Golden Features’ elements. It’s got those dark underlying themes and it’s mixed in with a heavy house beat. In saying that it also embodies all of what we love about Golden Features.

So strap yourself in for what’s a bit of a journey, because this tune is more than just his dark heavy beats. It uses the instrumentals from Falls almost to perfection to make sure that the true Odesza anthem is respected and pushed beyond being a club banger.

This comes following his huge album dropped the other month which you can also listen to in full below! Before you do that though, get around his huge remix that may just eclipse the original!

Sect Album Stream:


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