Ekali leaks possible new Skrillex heater!

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Ekali leaks possible new Skrillex heater!

Thanking the lords over at r/trap for today they hath delivered. We all know Skrillex has been in the studio, he’s been leaking edits here and there, and we know he’s been pushed onto a bunch of projects outside of dance music.

Finally though, we’ve been blessed with a full play-through of Skrillzy tune thanks to Ekali at his Santa Cruz set. It’s a trap banger, full with a classic Skrillex sound, from horns to wubs and all the betweens.

As he sets up to realise new material with JOYRYDE this is getting us pretty hyped! Check it out below and read more about it on the trap sub-reddit.

Ekali playing new Skrillex heater last night from r/trap



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