earthcore founder Spiro Boursine has passed away

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earthcore founder Spiro Boursine has passed away

It’s with great sadness that we’ve learned that Spiro Boursine the founder of earthcore has passed away.

Victorian Police Spokeswoman Senior Constable Melissa Seach has explained the situation that took place at Antique Bar in Melbourne on Saturday morning at 2am.

“Police arrested the man and placed him in handcuffs when he lost consciousness…Police attempted to revive the man until Ambulance Victoria arrived and took over.”

Spiro started earthcore in 1992, growing it from a small pioneering bush doof party into one on the annual calendar events of the year for dedicated dance music fans. Although viewed as a sometimes polarising figure, Spiro’s passion for his festival baby lives on.

Some of Spiro’s festival highlights included

1. The doofnado hitting earthcore 2015 just up the hill from the Hydra floor and everyone running towards it and in it.
2. Dj Hell telling me to get off his house boat in 2000 millenium NYE earthcore because it was German Territory
3. Aphex Twin playing sunrise on the main floor with a blender, a mic and 1 turntable in 1996 or was it 1998 ?
4. Martin Solveig upon entering the event realising that he was in the bush at a doof and his shoes would get dirty if he stepped out so stayed in the car and refused to play and demanded to go back to Melbourne because the “bush” wasn’t for him
5. Realising that Ive put on 36 earthcores over a 24 year period and still absolutely loving it
6. Perry Farrell from Janes Addiction cooking up the BBQ in my backyard after playing at earthcore in the mid 2000’s

Take a look back at a beautiful gallery from 2014’s edition. RIP Spiro <3



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