Dress like your favourite Aussie DJs with this handy guide

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Dress like your favourite Aussie DJs with this handy guide

Whether you’re in need of a halloween costume, or a couples dress-up idea for your party this weekend we’ve got some of the best inspiration for you dance music heads.

Every now and then DJs and producers come along that have an undeniable style, so we picked some of our favourite Aussie ones that are easily mimicable with things you’ll find lying around your house or can pick up from a junk or op shop. So check em out and tell us what you think!

AUS dance music superstar Alison Wonderland has impeccable style, we’re not completely sure how she’s kept the exact same Adidas shirt in such good knick since 2011, but she pulls it off. Couple with some platform shoes to help boost you a little (she comes in at a cheeky 5’1″ and is rarely seen without them) and a colourful wig so you’ve got the attitude and hey presto, Alison Wonderland eat your heart out. Go play some trap bangers!

Flight Facilities performance costume is without a doubt one of the best in Aussie dance music. It’s a little bit of a gimmick, both dressed as pilots, but it makes for something easy to remake. If you’re going for Hugo, a cheeky brown leather jacket with some woollen pads should do the trick, bonus points if you can get flight goggles on your cap! Jimmy’s got a simple aviation suit, with a pilots cap that you can pick up at a bunch of places for a couple of bucks. Find a mate and suit up as you get down to some disco infused dance bangers!

Melbourne bounce aficionado Will Sparks you can spot from a mile away. A fitness guru and prominent dropper of bangers (despite it not being something we’re huge on) Sparks brings a bit of bro culture into a dance scene that probably doesn’t need it. It’s no surprise then, that if you dress like a bro, get some fake biceps (these ones are a little hard to find) and chuck on a backwards cap, you’ll be looking like the guy in no time! If you’re in need of a wig, we’ve found generic ‘Thor’ wigs seem to work pretty well. For pants you can either do super tight jeans or some gym shorts, depends on how you’re feeling. Channel your inner Will Sparks and try not to start a fight with all thought Melbourne bouncin’ around.

Known for his fedora and smooth trumpet jams that are forced to fit into house jams, Timmy Trumpet has an unmistakeable style. A tight black shirt, a lot of gel and never without a trumpet in hand. You’ll be the bell of the ball of with your wide brimmed hat, which totally makes sense inside the sweaty halloween party you’ll be heading to.

These are some of our picks of DJs to dress as that’ll get you instantly noticed at your latest shindig, tell us what you think of them and who you’d want to go as!


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