6 very forgettable Daft Punk tracks

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6 very forgettable Daft Punk tracks

We’re pretty quick to jump on board the Daft Punk train but let’s be real, there’s definitely been tunes by the duo that while not terrible, aren’t something you need to remember. We did a lot of listening and had a lot of arguments to give you some of the most forgettable tracks of the Daft Punk discography.

The tracks we picked tended to have their ideas and flavours done better by other songs in their repertoire, or been overshadowed by albums on a whole, but in saying that there’s definitely my stinkers in there. Check it out and tell us what you think!

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A couple of quick things before diving in:
Firstly, honourable mentions to the whole of the Tron Legacy Soundtrack, like it wasn’t BAD per say, but we can’t remember ANY of it.
Secondly, we avoided remixes and covers because I mean do you remember their Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out Remix? Yeah, exactly. Minus Disco Cubizm can you think of any remixes that really stuck in your head?
Thirdly, intro tracks? Nope. That means no On/Off, WDPK 83.7 FM or anything under a minute!
Finally, take this list with a grain of salt; it’s not the be all and end all and we dare you to find a song less memorable than these baddies.

Within (Random Access Memories)

The thing about Random Access Memories is that it was super hype when it first got released. It was the first in a while and as soon as you saw the track listing it was obvious it was going to be something different. Featuring a bunch of ridiculous collaborations, from Pharrell to Georgio Moroder but the majority of tracks haven’t had the longevity they’d probably wanted with their mix up in musical direction. Within was one of those tracks that failed to make any impact. Comparatively boring and with minimal character, there’s not much to say except that it’s not a Daft Punk we like and they should never do a piano ballad ever again.

Beyond (Random Access Memories)

Beyond is one of those tunes you actually might remember the start of, but if that’s the case you definitely didn’t remember the end of it. Transitioning from a heavy, orchestral intro into a downtempo almost RnB groove. The biggest issue here is that it doesn’t have an impact, it feels like they wanted to make a track along the styles of their hugely popular Something About Us and just missed the mark. This one takes you to Snoresville super quickly and look, I’ve already forgotten what I was trying to talk about. In addition, chuck The Game Of Love on the list of Something About Us wannabes that didn’t hit the mark as its not really worthy of its own spot.

High Life (Discovery)

This addition to the list saddens me the most. It’s a cracker of an understated filter house tune. One of those ones you could slot into a set as a filler and it wouldn’t add or detract from the crowd, it’d just keep them there.  A very solid tune that does nothing to come to the forefront. For a small time this track had a bit of traction as people tried to figure out what tune had been sampled in it (Tavares – Get Down For Love) but since then it’s fallen prey to an album that had a bunch of tracks that did High Life better than High Life did itself.

Television rules the nation (Human After All)

When ranking albums, Human After All doesn’t usually take the cake as the top release from The Robots, but there were definitely some tracks that stuck with you and by gosh this was not one of them. As far as statement pieces come from the duo, this one definitely didn’t have its intended effect. It sounds like it wanted to be a Justice tune, think Genesis but it really just doesn’t get there. It’s so unmemorable in fact that the intro to this track caused more stir than the track itself. In their live sets it’s been slotted perfectly between Around The World and Crescendolls and it while it suits perfectly, both sonically and seemingly message-wise, (Television Rules The Nation being about brainwashing media, Crescendolls linking up to the part of Interstella 5555 where they’re using media to brainwash the people) it’s completely overshadowed by these absolute giants.

Indo Silver Club (Homework)

As can be said about a couple of tracks from Homework it was amazing and if it had been on any other album from an Artist that wasn’t Daft Punk it would’ve been huge. Were you aware that this was released as a single before the album itself? Neither, we forgot. The track itself is right up our alley, full of those classic electro sounds and delving deep into that bloghaus vibe we can’t help but throw our love behind. With all this taken into account, can you say you remember it? On an album full of absolutely huge tracks, this one just doesn’t get remembered and it’s only somewhat deserved.

Fragments of Time (Random Access Memories)

Look, I can safely say we’ve never heard this song before, meaning that if we had, it doesn’t register. When they linked up with Todd Edwards it was safe to assume we were going to get a garage tinged, bangin’ dance track, not this pop-rock mixture of mediocrity. Why is it on a Daft Punk album? Who thought this was a good idea? I’m glad I forgot it it and will probably never listen to it again.

So that’s our list guys, is there something you don’t agree with? If so, we want to hear about it, but if there’s a track less memorable than these, you probably won’t remember to mention it

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