Tourist drops ambient electronic journey ‘Apollo’

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Tourist drops ambient electronic journey ‘Apollo’

UK-based Grammy winning producer William Phillips or as he’s better known, Tourist has just dropped us a bit of ambient electronica goodness in Apollo.

Let it channel the Greek god Apollo as it heals you through a warmth of sounds. There’s something calming and upbeat about it, despite it being an amalgamation of harsh clicking sounds of unknown origin and some fairly beat heavy percussion. The sun shines through however, the ambience creating rays of light that as said before, truly exemplifies warmth.

There’s not too much to say about Tourist’s work that hasn’t been said before, the UK producer continues to go from strength to strength and if this one’s anything to go buy, we’ll be eagerly awaiting. The single has been released as part of Tourist Essentials a selection of his tunes since 2012 that form an art piece.

Check it out below and tell us if you’re aboard the Tourist train!


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