Ibiza club in hot water after record falls on punter’s eye

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Ibiza club in hot water after record falls on punter’s eye

No one goes to the club expecting to get hit in the eye by a falling vinyl, it’s just not a situation you would ever think you’d find yourself in. Crazily, this happened last year in the Ibiza club Amnesia and the punter is mad. Mad to the extent that he is suing the club after the record that fell left a 6 inch gash across his face and eyelid.

West-Londoner Charlie Mercer was on holidays when the incident happened, and after taking legal action last year Amnesia have finally responded and the lawsuit is underway. Charlie spoke about the incident to The Sun, reliving the crazy incident.

“I can still remember the whistling sound just before the disc hit me and the impact. It was pretty hard and then the record flashed across my face. There was blood all over my face and down my shirt. There was so much blood. I was really worried I was going to lose my sight. It was only because the record hit my eyebrow first that I didn’t lose my eye.”

Check out the club layout and his gash and make sure that if you do go clubbing at Amnesia you keep an eye out for the decorative hanging records!



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