Willaris. K is coming to town, but not for what you think

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Willaris. K is coming to town, but not for what you think

Who doesn’t love a little Willaris. K news to lighten up their week? Well we have the inside scoop that a certain two art gallery events will be giving us insight into some of his favourite works for what is being called the Alchemy Exhibition ahead of his Alchemy EP tour.

It’s a collaboration with the filmmaker of his Alchemy / River Song / Dour night trilogy, Yeoseop Yoon and will be complimented with some installations and some of Willaris. K’s favourite stills.

Woodburn Creatives in Sydney and the Budd St Gallery in Melbourne are where you can catch the event, on September 13 and 20 respectively. The event is free and honestly just sounds pretty cool, so check it out if you’re in the area. For the meantime you can have a listen to some Willaris. K to get you in the mood and try and tee up some tickets to his upcoming tour, here.


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