Disclosure literally just dropped another new track

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Disclosure literally just dropped another new track

Honestly I don’t think we were ready for this much Disclosure, but that’s fine, we’ll take it any day of the week!

After dropping Moonlight just the other day they decided the three months they’d left between their last two releases was too much. This time it’s been less than a couple of days and they’re hitting us with their latest Where Angels Fear To Tread.  This one goes a bit further on their new direction than we were expecting, making a statement that Disclosure are a diverse outfit with the tunes to match.

It begins with a dreamy opening, the sort of movie character remembering an old situation vibe. The vocal track is once again an acapella group but this time it takes over the track a bit more. It throws in whimsical strings and sounds throughout, really keeping that old school stroll in the park feel.

Not going to lie, this one’s a bit of a strange one, but it definitely grows. So give it a listen or two an see how you feel about it, is it better or worse than their last one?


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