Disclosure hit back with grooving house tune ‘Moonlight’

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Disclosure hit back with grooving house tune ‘Moonlight’

Ahh Disclosure, after catapulting to fame with a bunch of what we were calling ‘deep house’ bangers, they seemed to have had a bit of a cool off period. Now though, they’ve released their second tune for the year, Moonlight, and boy it’s a doozy.

Lately they seem to have been exuding a bit of maturity in their sound, a little more subtlety, a lot more groove. It’s got a looped acapella from a Swedish group and once again, it’s subtle, it’s building and it doesn’t have that in your face, taking over the tune vibe. Moonlight soothes and relaxes, showing that sometimes simple is best.

The new Disclosure direction is seeming right up our alley, so we’re holding out for an album! Check out their new one below and tell us what you think, is this something you’ll be getting behind?


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