cln drops stripped back electronica goodness in “Waiting For You”

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cln drops stripped back electronica goodness in “Waiting For You”

Previously collaborating with vocal artists to create popular tracks like Switch Gears and Breathe cln dabbles into his own song-writing and vocal abilities for his debut album, sharing its first single Waiting For You.

Sometimes us listeners can’t always expect every artist to be on their A-game all year round but then when they’re back it’s game on and this Aussie producer has proven just that.

2018 sees cln take some seriously experimental steps forward after re-evaluating his position in this thriving electronic music scene, coming out of the rut bigger, better and further from the norm. His choice of sounds and textures has released a dreamy downtempo track that evokes some seriously captivating beats and lyrics that seem so easily relatable.

Although production is his main focus you’ll be able to enjoy what’s to come in the very near future where not only his voice will be making an appearance but a stack of collabs as well.

For now listen to his latest, Waiting For You and tell us what you think! 


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