Check out Disclosure’s 5 track music dump from last week

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Check out Disclosure’s 5 track music dump from last week

If you’re anything like us, then you would’ve been a bit gob-smacked by Disclosure’s frenzy of new music coming out of nowhere last week. While trying our best to keep up with the onslaught, we’ve decided the best thing to do is a big ol’ recap highlighting our top picks!

MOONLIGHT (EXTENDED MIX) ~ The first of five, boy this one had us excited as you may have seen. I think last Monday we all became fans of Swedish a capella after this track, with the hypnotic looping harmonies featured on the track a sample from a group by the name of The Real Group covering a classic When I Fall in Love, coupled with the iconic Disclosure deep house, this one is soothing and just an all round lovey bit of work from the British brothers.

WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD ~ No more than a day later, Moonlight was followed up with this tasty morsel. This one is certainly not what we have come to expect from Disclosure, signalling to us that the boys are diverse in their talents and out to make a statement. Once again relying heavily on the samples, this cut is much slower and certainly less dancy. Grabbing an old school ultra-lounge a capella version of ‘Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread)’, the boys make it bop while maintaining its classic and carefree vibe. Definitely a grower.

LOVE CAN BE SO HARD ~ The third of  the five, this one is less moody and certainly more of a boog – a rich taste of future-funk and one of our favourite picks of the bunch. Listen below to the disco charged track and let the bass get all up in ya.

WHERE YOU COME FROM (EXTENDED MIX) ~ This one is perhaps more Disclosure-esque but still very much something new. Again bringing the samples, this time the boys have employed the work of Sudanese artist Kamal Keila in a much pacier track than those previously mentioned. A shuffling beat and some interesting techno sounds combine for an interesting listen.

FUNKY SENSATION (EXTENDED MIX) (FEAT. GWEN McCRAE) ~ The last of the tracks is a re-work of Gwen McRae’s 80s disco hit, a hugely popular song to sample. Certainly more of a remix than an original piece of work, the boys add some drums among other things while letting McRae’s powerful vocals do their thing, stretching it out to 6 minutes of house groove. By the end of it, I can guarantee that you’ll be able to feel the funky sensation.

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 1, Disclosure made it known that they’ve been putting in work and an album isn’t far away.

“We seem to be back right now. It’s definitely been a while. 100 per cent an album is being made – that’s for sure. Whether or not these songs make it [on the album] is yet to be seen. We’ve been writing a lot. We reckon we’ve put together about 80 to 100 different ideas over the past year, but we have no idea which of them, if any, will actually be on the album. It’s a serious track listing job to come now. Now we’re going to start moving onto the next step and start working with some vocalists.”

Let us know your pick of the bunch, and if you’re hanging out for the new Disclosure album.

Words by Sam Armes


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