Ross From Friends comes in hazy with new tune “Pale Blue Dot”

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Ross From Friends comes in hazy with new tune “Pale Blue Dot”

Since his signing to Brainfeeder we’ve been expecting and receiving huge things from Ross From Friends. From more urban filled experimental electronic to the classic lo-fi we know and love, he’s been delivering from track to track.

His latest, Pale Blue Dot is part of the ever evolving RFF moniker. An ambient soundscape with a driving undertone, the track is filled with soothing natural sounds contrasted with choir like distorted vocals and an evolving kick that is constantly keeping you on your feet.

Music aside, there’s more of a story to Pale Blue Dot. It’s accompanied by footage shot by his mother from spontaneous parties that his father, Jamie Clary, would set up all throughout Europe using whatever venue they could find.

Pale Blue Dot is a story that requires all your attention, it’s an amazing amalgamation of sounds and visuals and if the quality of his upcoming album is as good as we’ve seen so far, we’re in for an absolute treat!

His album, Family Portrait, will be out 27 July via Brainfeeder, but for the mean time give his latest a whirl and basque in what only RFF can deliver!


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