Blasko premieres new RnB inspired mixtape

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Blasko premieres new RnB inspired mixtape

It seems Blasko can do no wrong and with his new mixtape he reveals just how influential this up and coming artist is going to be.

Blasko In Love (Part 1) offers some very warm chords and a voice that reminds you of old school Mario that helps to tie this mixtape together in a way that is unique to Blasko. The playlist is coupled with dancey numbers that span from future bass to RnB flared tracks that paints him as one of the best.

Soundcloud pages and labels like Majestic CasualRoyál X, Yunizon have all got behind him and they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Complex recently featuring his music for the same mixtape and he’s been running in the same vein as SG Lewis including supporting him on tour.

We’re witnessing this artist on the come up, so catch him early as he rightfully rises through the ranks with this EP and future music. We got the premiere so check it out below and tell us what you think, as you can tell we’re pretty smitten!


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