Any guesses how many releases Discogs now has on site?

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Any guesses how many releases Discogs now has on site?

Discogs is the go-to spot for physical music sales on the web, and to really cement that in the crowdsourced music database has revealed they have tipped over the 10-million mark for available releases. Huge!

Speaking on the achievement, Discogs’ Chief Product Owner, Nik Kinloch says “I feel incredibly proud that Discogs contributors believe in the mission of cataloging the world’s music so much that we have reached this remarkable milestone”.

“It has been amazing to watch the database grow and improve over the years and I am very excited to help develop new features like our Tracks project. The possibilities and uses of the database continue to grow for Discogs, and I’m sure there are many more milestones ahead.”

Discogs was launched in the year 2000, and boasts a whopping 4.9 million active users with over 400,000 contributors who keep the records rolling in each day. This ain’t small-time.

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(Source: Mixmag)


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