Ross From Friends shares quirky new single ‘Project Cybersyn’

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Ross From Friends shares quirky new single ‘Project Cybersyn’

It’s safe to say that UK producer Ross From Friends is breaking new ground in 2018, and his latest offering is further proof.

Building up a fanbase with gritty, lo-fi club music akin to the likes of Mall Grab and DJ Boring, Ross From Friends is showing a new, more experimental direction, which is no surprise given he is the latest signee to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label.

With his debut album ‘Family Portrait’ on the horizon, Ross has shared a new slice from the project that has caught us on the back foot. Titled Project Cybersyn, this new cut comes across as something of an  electronic experiment, with a heavily layered instrumental foundation riddled with quirky sound bites and samples that mould together effortlessly.

Listen to Project Cybersyn below and stay looped with Ross From Friends’ socials for more music ahead of Family Portrait’s July 27 release.


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