Mura Masa is back and his new single is a bop!

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Mura Masa is back and his new single is a bop!

There’s been a whole lot of Mura Masa talk this week, just yesterday he jumped on a track with Nao and music legend Nile Rodgers, and today the Londoner is back with his own cut, Move Me.

Announced earlier this week on his Twitter, the hype for this return was real, granted it’s essentially been radio silence all year. Was it worth the wait? Yeah, it was. Teaming with Octavian, an up-coming London MC, Mura Masa goes large on the production, serving up a punchy bass line and heavy drum work that build a summery foundation for Octavian’s unique vocal style to roll over.

Hopefully this is just the start of a string of release from Mura Masa, because we’re really vibing with what he has brought to the table on this. Listen below and see if it hits the spot.


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