Mayan Warrior Is Why You Need Burning Man

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Mayan Warrior Is Why You Need Burning Man

Everyone dreams of the mystical nights in the dust, many of us have even experienced the BRC transformation. The playa sound and aesthetic have caught on across the globe, a few groups have coined a particular vibe you won’t want to miss. Venturing in from the depths of Mexico City, Burning Man sounds stage staple Mayan Warrior rolled into the heart of Bushwick this past weekend. With the lighting of renowned artists Paolo Montiel and Mark Nath, the playa crew lit up tropical castle Brooklyn Mirage in a spectacular evening of melodic techno. Here are our takeaways..

  1. Playa Crowd Is King

Time and time again the ingenuity and openness of Burning Man community has inspired.  With Rebolledo (Pachanga Boys), Dramian, Concret, and Mandrake at the helm, the stacked line up brought dedicated Burners by the hundreds in a refreshing anti-thesis of standard 2018 clubbing in NYC. After witnessing multiple beer showers and Berghain-esqe displays of affect, this crew is all about the love.

  1. The oasis that is Mirage is a mainstay

Though open airs remain in the city, over the past 5 years they have continued to dwindle. Most of the warehouses are long gone, but the venue has managed to fill a void that was left behind. The castle like venue sits hidden in Bushwick, with palms trees and consistently proper sound for an evening of losing your mind. Add state-of-the-art sound isolation and lighting and you have a perfect formula. Also shouts to Nowadays for what they bring to the table <3

  1.  Another chapter in Techno has passed

A few minutes before 3am, with the crowd in swing and Function 1s booming, Dramian dropped the new Pional heater “Tempest”. The trance like chords echoed across the courtyard to devastating effect. Just a year ago the minimal 4×4 sound reigned supreme in clubs such as Output and Schimanski, but that has clearly changed. The Burning man sound has spread from Black Rock and SF to around the world, with other parties like All Day I Dream following suit. Better try to find those last minute tickets ASAP!


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