Christopher Port shares catchy club cut ‘DTF’

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Christopher Port shares catchy club cut ‘DTF’

Christopher Port has been a busy man this year, from releasing his Everything In Quotes “DARK” EP to launching a clothing label to touring the country and now we have a new single, DTF from an upcoming project.

This house-driven track is an exciting cut from his Everything In Quotes “LIGHT” EP, due out on Future Classic via Pieater on August 3rd, which flips the usual, mellow electronica we register with Port’s catalogue on it’s head and shows us something crafted a little more for the club.

Speaking on the project, Port says “Interaction and collaboration with the musicians, designers and creatives around me, this is my favourite way to make anything and to have it be a clear reflection of who I am and the world around me. “Light” is a record that does just that. It is “Light” in every sense of the word, just as “Dark” was in every sense of that word. The tracks on both records are meant to momentarily fill a space and then disappear, leaving a sense of lightness/darkness to varying degrees and in whichever way the listener wants.”

Listen to the first single from the EP, DTF below.

Everything In Quotes “LIGHT” Tracklisting
1. DTF
2. Me & My Heart
3. What I Leave Behind
4. Find A Way


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