Strawberry Fields bring back low income ticket program

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Strawberry Fields bring back low income ticket program

One of Victoria’s most beloved doofs Strawberry Fields has announced they are bringing back the popular “Low Income Ticket Program” for the 11th edition of the festival in 2018. The program, which was launched last year, allows for low-income earners to apply for a heavily discounted ticket to the event – with successful applicants receiving access to $165 tickets (normal price for this years event range from $280-330).

The festival has promised that 500 tickets will be made available via this process, with applications opening next Monday 14th of May and closing on June 15. If you think you satisfy this criterion, head on over to their website for more details. 

In an environment where festival tickets are becoming more and more expensive every year, it’s refreshing to see a promoter take matters into their own hands and give back to their community of fans. Bravo Strawberry Fields!!


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