Kylie Minogue gets a techno twist from Melbourne’s Sweetland

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Kylie Minogue gets a techno twist from Melbourne’s Sweetland

Kylie Minogue is an Australian classic artist that deserves nothing better than a progressive techno touch to bring it to a more contemporary feel.

Fergus Sweetland is the man behind this incredible rework, and he is certainly no stranger to Stoney Roads. The track starts like any good techno song does, which is a hard compressed kick with deep low end bass, this carries your ear through to the analogue rhythm of a delayed and distorted techno lead which then pulls your ears to Kylie’s vocals intricately sampled and fitted into the beat to increasingly more complicated percussion rhythm the further the track unfolds – very masterfully done! Kylie’s voice assists the track but the infectious leads and atmosphere through atmospheric, delayed leads and panned vocals left and right, is what is done oh so well.

Sweetland teased the track through his Facebook page a few days ago and we sure are glad he has given it out now so generously. Give the track a listen, support the artist and let us know your thoughts!


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