Joji drops emotional new single and video, ‘Yeah Right’

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Joji drops emotional new single and video, ‘Yeah Right’

Comedian turned lyrical artist, Joji aka George Miller has proven the transition to be nothing short of golden as he brings out a new melancholic track and video for ‘Yeah Right’. After turning heads with his stand-out 2017 EP ‘Tongues’, the American-Japanese artist has taken his new found alter ego to another level that oozes pure passion and continues to blow us away with his multiple facets of talent.

The music video for ‘Yeah Right’ is directed by himself where he ties in raw, lo-fi footage to mellow piano chords and a sedative bass line that take no attention away from his hard-hitting yet relaxed R&B vocals.

This is something most definitely shaping to be his more serious projects , you can most definitely look forward to more soul soothing tracks from Joji. Catch the music video below.



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