Bob Moses return with dreamy new single ‘Heaven Only Knows’

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Bob Moses return with dreamy new single ‘Heaven Only Knows’

Canadian duo Bob Moses are bringing the heat you need to warm up your weekend with their new track  ‘Heaven Only Knows‘.

Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance have graced us with their musical talents once again with this one. Distorted bass lines and meticulously panned vocals give it that drive and dreamy feel that we have come to know from the duo. Also keeping in theme to previous tracks of theirs with guitar licks and soft, intricate drums to fill the audio sphere and deliver on a well mixed and ethereal combination of sounds.

Accompanying the track is are flames engulfing what we can definitely distinguish as a tire and a dress with onlookers that we can assume is the duo looking on at the carnage. The flames then going in reverse as the hats of the last chorus comes in. What this means…. we can only guess, or it could be the havoc of whatever the burning tire and dress symbolises? Any theories on what you think it is let us know.

It is said that this is a part of a tour that is suppose to be partnered up with”loads of new music” according to the duo. Considering this is part of a two year hiatus and a big tour has been announced we are assuming this is to be a part of an album which will be huge if its anything as successful as their first.

The song is out on vinyl with an extended mix coming out over the new few months and will be embarking on their North American tour which are on sale June 8th. Listen below.


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