ZHU just dropped a 7-track album overnight!

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ZHU just dropped a 7-track album overnight!

Following his latest huge release with Tame Impala ‘My Life’, ZHU comes in with seven tracks to keep the spotlight firmly focused on him. Teased April 6th with  the breakout teaser track ‘Desert Woman’, ZHU has us bumping to this new project named ‘Ringo’s Desert Part 1.’

Starting with feature artist Joy., the pace is set with a western film twist to go with the American Ringo’s Desert named theme in his expert use of rattle snake like hats and old western guitars thrown through the song. Distorted guitars, bright leads and sparse percussion keep your attention through the next few tracks all the way down to the album teaser ‘Desert Woman’ which then releases you all the way to the driving but more atmospheric last track ‘Save Me’, that ZHU’s silky vocals and a nearly jazzy like trumpet feel to the break.

‘Desert Woman’ came as hopeful fans were looking to see him as part of the 2018 Coachella lineup and he was announced as a guest surprise. We are sure he will be accompanying the further projects in the future as extensions to this banging collection of tracks which we are should be followed by a part 2. out sometime in the near future we are assuming – Keep your ears peeled!

Stream or download the project when out on any good streaming service and let us know your thoughts.


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