Premiere: Perth’s Loston shares magical cut ‘Holding Pattern’

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Premiere: Perth’s Loston shares magical cut ‘Holding Pattern’

Loston has well and truly stepped out of the ominous shadow of what could be described as a slight musical hiatus, and boy are we glad to have the premiere.

The latest from the Western Australia-based producer, comes in the form of ‘Holding Pattern’ from his forthcoming, 6-track EP Echoes. The track sees Loston opts for a more grounded, sombre tone, and resembles certain memories and feelings, evoked once heard. There is no doubt in my mind that this single will take you somewhere, somewhere specific to you, yet relatable enough that you find it in the music and your surroundings.

Like nothing that has come before it, the originality and artistry shown through ‘Holding Patterns’ is simply breathtaking. The piercing, shapeshifting synths taps into the emotion of the sub conscious, allow the depth of the art to be experienced and truly felt by the listener.

Listen to ‘Holding Patterns’ below and keep an eye on his socials for updates on his forthcoming project.


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