Premiere: Lou teams with Courtney Lovell on ‘The Sound’ EP

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Premiere: Lou teams with Courtney Lovell on ‘The Sound’ EP

If you’re a sucker for the delightful synthetic melodies of Cashmere Cat and Mura Masa, this brand new pop double act are straight up your alley. With a production style that heavily juxtaposes the synthetic with the organic, this promising duo will surely make themselves known with their shimmering debut EP ‘The Sound’.

Drawing elements from future bass, UK Garage and synth pop, ‘The Sound’ covers a vast palette of emotions, from the sincere melancholy reminiscent of Burial and Four Tet to the giddy future bass synth stylings from the likes of Australian contemporaries such as Basenji and Wave Racer. beginning with title track ‘The Sound’, we are met with a laid-back pairing of lush chords and organic glockenspiel top lines. The vocals give of a magnificent human touch, while the instrumental boasts a beautiful hybrid of recorded and programmed elements. The second track ‘Like That?’ begins with a lo-fi ukulele riff that trails off into a reflective groove of woody synths and complex percussive grooves that begin to back a huge wall of analogue synth chords. As the more instrumentally focused track out of the two, this track is a synthetic symphony of beautiful arpeggios and ethereal harmonies.

With such a stunning release from the young duo, we are more than keen to hear more from the Brisbane-based two piece in the future. Check out ‘The Sound’ below.


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