Cuttin’ Heads with Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers

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Cuttin’ Heads with Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers

In true fashion of the winter escape known as Miami Music Week, Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers set a new standard in the realm of closing parties. Originally poised as a 24 hour event that Space is known for hosting, the trio held it out for over 34 hours as the sunrise shined twice over the decks of the infamous terrace. At around 2,000 minutes, few can compete with such goliath tracklisting. Anyone snag a backup USB?

While large nightclubs such as Space are frequently filled with the toilet paper of egotistical society, the progressive crowd ranged from red-eyed ravers still grinding from the previous evenings (Damian Lazarus-presented) Get Lost Party to Ultra attendees in the process of falling in love with techno for the very first time. Although supplements a plenty, aggression was nowhere to be found while most danced through the industrial dog and others slept in lovers arms on the sidelines. All in all, the Bros ditched Miami stereotypes delivering a vibe fit for this iconic Ibiza clubbing brand.

The standout factor generally reserved to the dance floor was a clearly delirious vibe behind the decks with outbursts the Martinez Brothers breaking into dance while throwback Tuskegee and Drumcode edits pounded in the background. With pizza and a seemingly endless supply of booze in tow, one could not help but respect the near inhuman ability of the trio to keep the melodic ride of the marathon on track while also blowing up grub hub. Big ups boys, can’t wait for the next one.


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