Some legend has made the ultimate FIFA soundtrack playlist

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Some legend has made the ultimate FIFA soundtrack playlist

Someone has put the hard yards in and crafted a Spotify playlist with every single track from every EA Sports’ FIFA (even Street Series) from 1998 until now.

Twenty years of tunes, all compiled into one 410-track playlist. From Kasabian to Bloc Party, INXS, Robyn, Hot Chip, Chromeo and Robbie Williams among plenty more, the playlist has all the gems from those near-perfect soundtracks.

The best part about this playlist, however, is the way in which it will remind you of certain times of your life. For example, Bloc Party’s ‘Helicopter’ – as good a song as it is – brings back the horrid memories of getting cleaned up by my older cousin in 2006. That was a tough year. But then, moving into the 2014 release – arguably the peak of my FIFA career – CHVRCHES’ ‘We Sink’ reminds me of some effortless victories and a spotless career mode.

Regardless of what it reminds you of, the playlist is just simply good. FIFA always kill it with the soundtracks and now you have them all in one place. Dive into the playlist in it’s entirety below. All 400+ songs of football history.


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