Red Bull Music Academy Berlin is bursting with talent!

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Red Bull Music Academy Berlin is bursting with talent!

The Red Bull Music Academy is creeping up for 2018, taking place in Berlin this coming June and running deep into September, and the whopping 61 participating artists have been selected.

In RBMA’s own words, the sounds of the participants in 2018 are that of “evocative electronica from Japan; IDM from Iran’s underground club scene; new-school UK jazz; Afro-future dance music from South Africa; experimental hip-hop from Germany; Nigerian neo-soul; Georgian drone; industrial techno from Poland; post-punk from the US, and much, much more.”

Joining the 61 entrant is Australia’s own BRUX, the new project of Elizabeth Rose, along with a handful of New Zealand producers such as Astro Children and indi.

Listen to the playlist curated by Red Bull Music Academy below to get a taste of each artist, and head to the website to learn more about them.


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