Confidence Man get a groovy rework from Wongo

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Confidence Man get a groovy rework from Wongo

One of the most outgoing and entertaining live bands doing it, Confidence Man just got a hefty House rework by Gold Coast native Wongo, and it’s a match made in heaven.

Wongo puts his patented, club twist on their latest single ‘Better Sit Down Boy’, slicing up their quirky vocals and lacing the track with his upbeat, four-on-the-floor style of production. It’s the mid-week remix everyone deserves.

The single, released back in September, was already a catchy as hell, but Wongo’s remix breathes new life into the tune. Confidence Man‘s vocal cuts keep the groove intact and it’s hard to keep the hooks out of your head. Both artists are from opposite ends of the spectrum yet they come together to form a solid and feel-good number.

Give it a spin below!


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