5 Essentials For A Blazingly Good BBQ

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5 Essentials For A Blazingly Good BBQ

 This article is in collaboration with JBL Australia. Check out their new Link 10 and 20 speakers now!

With music becoming more and more embedded into your every day life, it’s vital that you A) have the correct speaker set-up and B) have the essentials for a blazingly good BBQ come the weekend when you finally get to cut loose.

JBL’s waterproof Link 10 and 20 are portable speakers that enhance home listening with Google voice activation (like a Google Home but with more audio oomph) and – most importantly – a 5-hour, non-stop battery life with double that on the 20 (yep, 10 hours).

So with a hefty battery life ticked off, having the essentials for a damn good time in the backyard is a must.

Good Food

It’s 2018 and a couple snags and a salad just won’t cut it. While this might seem like a bit of a bummer it’s a good opp to broaden your cooking skills by grilling the hell out of some veggies (hint: no one has ever messed this up EVER) or invite along your friends with some varied tastebuds and encourage them to bring their favourite go-to. You never know, might find something new that hits the spot!

Did you know Steve Aoki went vego for 15 years? DJ Khaled is also giving the vegan life a nudge as well as A$AP Rocky, Mark Ronson, Moby and GZA giving green the tick!

Pool/Slip and Slide

As Gocsy would attest to, when it’s hot out there really isn’t much better than submerging yourself in a nice, cool body of water! Friends with pools can be a bit limited these days with millennials getting stuffed into apartments and dodgy share-houses so there’s always the option for a blow up option that Aldi or Kmart sometimes stock. Worse case scenario a quick dash to the park with a simple slip and slide set-up to get your watery fix for the day when it’s scorching outside.

Check out Gocsy’s slip and slide tutorial below if you’re unfamiliar.

The Right Tunes *CRUCIAL*

It’s best to be as up-front about the music policy before you’ve got 10 people sharing the AUX cable and you’ve heard enough dubstep remixes of Flight Facilities for a lifetime. As a rough guide, ease in with a chilled mix before opening up the music policy to set the mood.

If things are starting to rage a little early, get on some heavier beats with a Jackmaster mix or if it’s still remaining calm then you can’t go wrong with Motor City Drum Ensemble or The Black Madonna and some disco/house delights. Here is one of our favourite BBQ jams to add to your playlist:


Plain and simple, it doesn’t matter who’s party it is, where it’s at or what the hell is going on if there are pets around and for a good reason. A excitable woofer or lovely cat will always steal the show and help cover some crucial hours while the BBQ warms up. Yes, you will get more likes taking photos/videos with pets, No, you can never pat them enough!

Quick list of the most desirable party animals below;

  • Dogs – Obviously the best
  • Cats – Fun to watch, you might get lucky with a pat here and there
  • Rabbits – Cute, cuddly, easy to handle
  • Snakes – Nothing like a slippery sucker appearing when things start ramping up
  • Sloths – Long shot but can you imagine how good it would be to have a sloth at a BBQ

Most importantly, GOOD SOUND!

It really isn’t a bloody good BBQ without some decent tunage to keep people enjoying the rays and grazing their way through a buffet of tasty treats. While you can opt in for the decks and heavy duty speakers and subs the mobile speaker game really is the go without ticking off the neighbours and making sure your BBQ runs from start to finish without the boys in blue making an appearance!

As you can tell we’re big fans of JBL’s new 10 and 20 Link series speakers which boast everything you need for a romping good time with a couple of these babies able to be linked up together for surround sound, a hefty 5-hour battery life on full blast achievable and now Google Assistant for those handy voice commands.

What are some other must-haves at a swanky BBQ? Let us know in the comments and make sure you give grilled eggplant a red hot crack. Life changing.

This article is in collaboration with JBL Australia. Check out their new Link 10 and 20 speakers now!


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