Kwame puts a fruity spin on trap rap on his new single ‘WOW’

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Kwame puts a fruity spin on trap rap on his new single ‘WOW’

You might have heard of old mate Kwame. He’s a 22-year-old Sydney native who shot onto the nations rap radar when coincidentally plucked out of the crowd at an A$AP Rocky show, to freestyle alongside the man himself. Since the release of his debut EP  ‘Lessons Learned’,  he’s supported big-guns on stage such as Migos and 6lack. Now a fresh signee at Vita Artists, he’s got the ins on a roster including acts like Peking Duk, Nyxen, and Tigerilla. We believe all this + his undeniable hustle will lead him to things way beyond Australia’s borders.

Now he’s taken us all aback once again with this latest output, “WOW” written and produced by Kwame himsef. Debuted on Triple J’s Good Nights last night, it’s clear you’ll be hearing a lot of this one. “WOW”  is one of those tracks with not a single dull moment to be heard. The production is seriously playful and unique – the trap feel is definitely present, but the lead kalima is fruity as hell. (What’s a kalimba, you say? You’ll know it when you see it.) From just one listen, you can tell he’s been grinding away at his verses for a long time. Alongside his witty wordplay and humor, his control on tone and expression keeps you hooked from start to end, and beyond.

Expect all of the big tings from Kwame. He’s releasing his sophomore EP,  ‘Endless Conversations‘ to the world on March 23rd. We’ll be here waiting.


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