Dive into Mardi Gras with Sissy Ball this Saturday

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Dive into Mardi Gras with Sissy Ball this Saturday

Commencing the 40th Sydney Mardi Gras since it’s inception in 1978, Red Bull Music and Bhenji Ra will be throwing a one-off event at Carriageworks this weekend showcasing some of the most cutting edge underground dancers based both locally and internationally.

In authentic vogue fashion, a handful of houses will be competing to a soundtrack of ball anthems from ballroom extraordinaire MikeQ, in addition to performances from New York rapper Quay Dash, Cape Town’s Angel Ho as well as Sydney’s own Electric Fields.

Bhenji Ra (Image provided)

Curated by Sydney’s multitalented Bhenji Ra, Sissy Ball will prove to be a treat for club music and dance enthusiasts alike. With dancers sourced from Sydney and beyond, houses SLÉ, Fafswag and House of Envy will compete in full vogue fashion judged by Bronx ball veteran Leiomy Maldonado. On commentator duties is Dashaun, who is known as one of the most prolific vogue MCs in the community, with a resume that boasts a Rihanna backup act on her ANTI tour.

Sissy Ball is officially sold out, but we recommend you head to the event page to try snag some last minute tix from those who might not be able to attend. Check out some MikeQ gold below to warm up.


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