Tina Says gets ‘Real’ on her latest offering

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Tina Says gets ‘Real’ on her latest offering

Written in late 2016, ‘Real’ is the new track from Perth bass producer Tina Says, following on from her previous singles ‘Check It’ and ‘Sweat’.

Her latest single came to fruition while she was dealing with the fallout from the passing of a close friend. ZVNE and Mel Jackson were two confidants who “were really present in that time” and the track became a “kind of outlet or response to all the chaos”. The track reflects a difficult, equally significant time in her life, with a large part of therapy and healing process was being able to make music together, of which ‘Real’ is the final product.

Drench your ears in ‘Real’, below, and be sure to catch her show this Wednesday at Sosueme in Bondi.


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