Throwback Track: Hudson Mohawke – Oops!

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Throwback Track: Hudson Mohawke – Oops!

Today we decided to throw it back to a UK producer (and one of our favourites) named Hudson Mohawke! His little gem Oops! is like a seductive RnB track with Hudson Mohawke‘s touch added to it.

With the vocals being sampled from Tweet and Missy Elliott‘s track Oops (Oh My), we’ve been handed a dynamic power trio with a laid-back and timeless piece of work. Oops! is smooth, groovy and carries a sparkly yet slightly gritty electronic front. Tweet‘s vocals are sultry, soulful and stylish which adds that RnB shine to it. Together they make the perfect combo and it’s forever on repeat.

Let’s kick it back a lil’ and give Oops! a spin below.


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