Human Movement drop club-ready ode to Sydney

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Human Movement drop club-ready ode to Sydney

Sydney duo Human Movement have just wrapped up the year with a fun new track uploaded free onto SoundCloud, no dramas. These guys are a local group who make straightforward, no BS dance-house music, strictly for the dance floor.

This new track is no exception to that rule, it’s a floor-filler. It gets the heads boppin and the hips movin, quite a thrill. A good way to close the year off too, seeing as this track both encapsulates what Human Movement are about, and also this song will be perfect for the post-midnight clubbing this new years eve. It’s god thumping bass, sick kickdrum patterns and airy synths to top everything off. It gradually becomes more distorted and intense with layerings but continues to repeat the same rhythm and groove to make sure it’s doesn’t lose the hypnotic element.

It’s dope, pop it on if you’re looking for something to move to or if you’re just a sucker for house like us. Note the iconic, Sydney harbour artwork as well!


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