Bloke caught with over $40m worth of MDMA has been charged

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Bloke caught with over $40m worth of MDMA has been charged

A 23 year old Canberra man has been charged by Australian police for the alleged importation of 356 kilograms of ecstasy.

It has been reported that Tamim Jamaal Nozhat has attempted to import the monstrous amount, aforementioned to be worth a total of 40.5 million dollars, by means of buckets of chlorine. He was arrested in Sydney, on December 5.

According to the ABC, Nozhat appeared in the Magistrates Court of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), charged with “importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug,”.

The substance never arrived in Canberra, instead being stopped at the border by the Australian Border Force. Hidden underneath powdered chlorine, there was enough MDMA to make 1.2 million pills, according to police.

The drugs were addressed to Wholesale Pool Supplies, a company registered under Nozhat’s name.

ACT Policing deputy chief police officer commander Mark Walters said: “In terms of drugs that were directly related to the ACT this is the most significant drug seizure.”

There are scares of Nozhat fleeing the country due to the possible sentence, but he has been refused bail.




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