Superclub bucket list: The 5 Superclubs you NEED to experience!

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Superclub bucket list: The 5 Superclubs you NEED to experience!

In Australia we like big things, and there’s nothing bigger in dance music than superclubs. Big sound systems, big fit outs, big light shows, and big venue caps. Dancing with 1,000-12,000 future friends in an atmosphere where everyone wants to belong and everyone wants to party is one of the ultimate great feelings.

As more Superclubs find their way to Australia, we felt it was time to tell you which ones we top our list as must have experiences.

Womb Tokyo, Japan (1,000 cap.)

Womb burst onto the scene in 2000, giving Japan a taste of what true superclubs and dance music was about. It had suffered from a lack of direction and innovation over the past decade, but skip to the past couple of years and it’s kicked itself up a notch and is back on top as a must visit clubbing destination.

Printworks London, UK (3,000 cap.)

While Printworks is only relatively new to the scene, it hit the ground running. When you literally convert an old print-works into a multiple thousand cap. venue you’re bound to turn heads. Printworks delivered by keeping some of the old fit-out’s feels and injecting killer names and concepts into it.

Berghain Berlin, Germany (1,500 cap.)

Some might not call this a superclub, but we definitely do. Renowned for its super tight door policy and bouncers that no one really knows how to get past and their strict ‘what happens inside, stays inside’ policy. We assure you, it’s worth the hype. Hosting a ridiculous roster of regulars.

Green Valley Camboriú, Brazil (12,000 cap.)

This one has been at the top of DJ Mag’s top 100 clubs list countless times, sticking in the top 10 for the past decade and it’s with good reason. Almost completely open aired, it brings a festival vibe to a club setting and is a truly unique club experience.

Amnesia Nightclub Ibiza, Spain (5,000 cap.)

Ibiza hosts a bunch of superclubs, but Amnesia is undoubtedly our pick. A piece of history, it opened in the 70s and has been powering on strong ever sine. Thinks team cannons, ridiculous ceiling decorations and the biggest house and tech artists. Amnesia put Ibiza on the map for dance music enthusiasts as oppose to just party animals. If there’s a superclub that needs to be on your bucket list, it’s this one!

There’s a reason we rounded out the list with Amnesia and that’s because we’re getting hyped for a taste of it down under. As part of Electric Gardens, there’ll be a huge Amnesia stage takeover that’ll see Patrick Topping and Eats Everything play extended sets as well as all the stage design and vibe straight from the Ibiza club itself, including the massively iconic CO2 cannons!

Follow the festival in your major city for updates here and grab tickets here if you’re keen!


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