Klue’s handpicked a playlist of his favourites and we’re loving it!

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Klue’s handpicked a playlist of his favourites and we’re loving it!

Subsonic Music Festival punters get bloody keen because we’ve only got a few more days left till we hit the road and head into Barrington Tops’ wilderness! This sold-out event will see a number of internationals like Pearson Sound, Seba, Mr. G, Nicola Cruz, Andrew Weatherall as well as local dons Andy Garvey, Ben Fester, Dauntless, Monako, Lewba and many more, rep one of the five stages this year. Wether you’re stretched out on a lilo by the River Stage or dancing in the top-notch decorated Paradiso Stage, there’s always something for everyone at this majestic festival.

One of our favourite locals to hit the stage this year will be golden boy Gabe Clouston aka Klue and we’re pretty excited to see what he’s got in store for us! The talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, vocalist and all-round fun guy has had a HUGE year so far and he’s not slowing down anytime soon. To get us pumped for Subberz, Klue has compiled a selection of his favourite tunas from artists he’s been vibin’ and are included in this year’s lineup.

“I’ve done the Subsonic road trip a few times over the years and I wanted to make a playlist that goes for the duration of the drive from Sydney to the festival. I wanted to match the dynamic of the music to the places you drive through on the way, the feels along the journey, all from artists on the lineup…with the exception of Al Green – Take Me To The River, which was a necessary inclusion as a tribute to the River at Subs!” – Klue

To top it off, Klue‘s gone the extra mile and walked us through the journey to Subsonic so prepare to let your imagination run wild and free. For an immersive experience, read it in Morgan Freeman‘s voice.

Having said that, strap yourselves in kiddos, sit back and dive into Klue‘s mega playlist!

Journey Time: 3 to 4.5 hours (depending on traffic).

DisclaimerThis is real Sydney centric in it’s assumptions. If you’re coming from elsewhere or by transport that isn’t a car, please forgive me – I didn’t have time to do a travel-by-blimp guide, maybe next year. Also, use the Directions on the Festival for navigational purposes. Any travel advice in this guide is for lifestyle excellence and entertainment purposes online. You have just made a very good decision.

Damn, fine times are ahead. There’s a river. Nuff said. Check oil and tyres, fire up the playlist, let’s do this… 


Cruising the Harbour Bridge. You are now leaving the realm of lock out laws so change into your leggings now.

From Ribongia – ‘Golden’ to The Impossibles – ‘The Drum (Andrew Weatherall Remix)’ you should be turning onto the Pacific Motorway (M1). As we turn onto the M1, Willaris. K‘s ‘Dour Nights’ comes in. It’s the perfect ‘hitting the freeway’ sound track IMO.   

From Willaris. K – Dour Nights to Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle, we’re ending the first phase with Pearson Sound before we hit the next phase…the ‘River’ phase…

Alright, if you’ve been to Subsonic before then you know how good the river is. It’s time for a ‘River Tribute’. Cue Willaris. K‘River Song’. Willaris.K is followed by the wonderful Sampa The Great – ‘Bye River’ and then Al Green – ‘Take Me to The River’.

Ok, so Al Green isn’t playing at Subsonic, but you can’t have a River tribute without this song.

We then dive into True Vibenation‘s ‘Dressed to Chill’ followed by other gems by Nicola Cruze, Weird Together and P. Smurf. By this stage you’ll be ready to turn off the highway with Uone & Western‘s ‘Light My Fire’.


Fred P‘s ‘On This Vibe’ has got you covered. I’ve heard Police have been stopping people going into Music Festivals recently. I guess it is pretty suss that you might want to go and hear music and dance by a river when there are perfectly good footy games on this weekend. You know, you really are suspicious…. Why are you not at the casino….. They play all the hits there…..

Enter, The Meeting Tree‘s R U a Cop. After Sebo & Madmotormiquel – ‘Don’t Eat’, you should be coming through Historic Stroud, home to the Stroud International Brick and Rolling Pin Throwing Competition.

Unfortunately this is not on during Subsonic, which I’d say is probably the largest scheduling error made by the festival each year. Alas, expect a few strange looks for those leggings you’re wearing when you stop into the pub to pick up an emergency back up case. Apart from that, vibes in Stroud are chill.

Cue Klue – ‘So Good’. A little further down and you’re gonna hit Stroud Road General Store.

Look at this place. Remember this place. This is where your post-festival Powerade, Coconut Water and greasy food is going to come from. This is important.

Now we jump into Ribongia‘s fun and feel-good tune, ‘We Run Tings (feat. Footsie)’. A guaranteed good time in the car is in store when this track comes on.

I remember being in the car with my boy Kid Fiction years back on the way to my first Subsonic. We were in a mad traffic jam on a dirt road, blaring Mista Savona’s Warn The Nation album, and everyone just got out of their cars and danced till the traffic moved. Good memories.

We’re almost at the end so let’s kick it off with Mista Savona‘s ‘Captive Bird’.  We finally wrap it up with Weird Together‘s ‘Ready For This’…now the real fun begins.

Fuck yeah the real fun’s about to begin! NOT LONG NOW PEOPLE!

Subsonic will be the last leg of Klue‘s ‘Closer’ Tour. You can catch Klue making two appearances on day #2 (Saturday) as part of True Vibenation (Main Stage at 6:30pm) and then as Klue (Main Stage at 9:00pm).

Give his latest single ‘Closer’ a spin and suss out the recap from his 2015 performance below!


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