House maestro Claptone rounds up his Aussie tour in Brisbane

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House maestro Claptone rounds up his Aussie tour in Brisbane

The German House maestro is making his way down to The MET in Brisbane for a special night put on by event promoters Syndrome. This is quite an achievement for the local company, people are going to flock like sheep to go and watch the legendary Claptone take control of the night with his hypnotic tech-house set.

With an incredible list of achievements under his belt, Claptone is sure to impress with the last of his Aussie shows before taking off. After stealing the spotlight at Fuzzy Events Harbourlife in Sydney on the weekend, Claptone will touch base in Brisbane at the beloved MET this Friday.

Get your Deep House kick from Brisbane sonic masterminds Varcity. Varcity are on warm up duties, getting the dance-floor prepped and ready for the masked genius to take to the stage.

No lockouts, ending at 5am, but who needs sleep when you’re transcended into another universe of deep grooves and warm bass? Don’t miss it if you’re in the area. Check out all the event details here.



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