Flight Facilities get ambitious with their new track ‘Stranded’

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Flight Facilities get ambitious with their new track ‘Stranded’

Flight Facilities are back and they’ve expanded their musical range, taking things into a much grander and adventurous musical direction. This new track boasts a multinational set of features such as LA’s Broods and Saro and local legend Reggie WattsBut with all these different influences coming together, the track feels cohesive and large, putting these guys on another level.

The track begins with some soft pianos with gentle vocals from Broods; the atmosphere is set, now it’s time for the beat to kick in. But not yet, some subtle strings start to build up before the music cuts to a typical Flight Facilities funky bassline. Some quiet percussion and synths start to enter, as Reggie Watts takes over the mic with his charisma and passionate delivery, taking the song into it’s climactic finish. It’s an intensifying experience, one that feels cinematic rather than just a vibe.

This is a big step forward for the duo, and we’re excited to see how much further they can push themselves in the future because we are wowed right now. Will they finally follow up their modern classic Down To Earth from 3 years ago? I think there’s some big things on the horizon.



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