Five of the best Stranger Things remixes out there

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Five of the best Stranger Things remixes out there

Ahh Stranger Things, the show that takes me back to a time I feel so nostalgic about despite never actually living it. I am of course referring to the 80s, a time of game arcades, mullets and SYNTHESIZERS!

One of the best aspects of the Netflix mega-series is of course the soundtrack, courtesy of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, who are in no way shy in dusting off a synth or two for their incredible sister soundtrack for the new season.

So as I delve into my second run of season 2, I figured I’d tip the hat to some of the most stand out remixes of the popular theme song that have crossed my path.

Check out our top 5 remixes below. Any we missed?

Louis Futon Flip

Stranger Things x The Weeknd mashup

Deadmau5 Remix

C418 Remix

Cybass Remix

Followed closely by:

Luke Million Remake

What So Not Live Edit

Have you got any ripper reworks of the theme? Let us know in the comments and check out the full season 2 soundtrack here.


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