Crooked Colours drop Summery music video for ‘All Eyes’

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Crooked Colours drop Summery music video for ‘All Eyes’

‘All Eyes’ has been seen as a heavy crowd favourite from the Crooked Colours debut album ‘Vera’, and it now has an official music video to match.

While the album took its time to be completed, it has been said that the trio could not have made a more triumphant debut. With a tall mountain of support from both local and international media – including but not limited to triple j, Radio 1 and KCRW, as well as Rolling Stone, Semplesize, and The Australian.

Crooked Colours was approached by the tourism board for New Caledonia. In this, the band were given the task of recoding the sounds of the country. They decided to make a longer lasting impression through reaching out to the team at YeahSure, who eqloquently captured the serenity and tranquil beauty of the islands.

Director, Patrick Rohl reveals, “Crooked Colours management came to us with a very ambitious side to shoot a film clip on a French territory comprising dozens of islands in the South Pacific known as New Caledonia.  Their album aesthetic fitted perfectly with the location so we pulled together a concept that fitted the track and scouted a located actress to feature with all three of the band members.  I couldn’t be happier with the result as I feel we managed to capture the beauty of the location while still managing to include a creative narrative to reflect the track.”

The video has been seen as so successful that it has been used in conjunction with tourism for New Caledonia. Even giving up the opportunity to win a free trip to the island!

Check out the competition and clip below.

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