Check out Mickey Kojak’s low-key live rendition of his track ‘Ghost’

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Check out Mickey Kojak’s low-key live rendition of his track ‘Ghost’

We’re loving everything we see Mickey Kojak‘s name attached to these days, and this new video is no exception. His brilliant track ‘Ghost‘, being one of his Pop-heavy and more well-structured songs of his vault, has been given the live performance treatment in an intimate video on his Facebook.

The video is simply Mickey with his synth, beat pad and microphone – playing the song in one take. When we initially found the track to be an upbeat head-bopper, Mickey tones things down a lot with this performance and breathes new life into the track as a slower, mellowed out electro ballad. He sings in a very subdued manner, and plays all the keyboard lines very delicately to keep things as smooth as possible to fit the vibe he so perfectly captures. As laidback as he comes across, all his parts come tightly together as he shows strong musical aptitude, with a knack for being a natural performer.

It’s a beautiful reimagining of the already-killer single, further proof that Mickey’s creativity is not one to look past right now.

Mickey Kojak will be spinning tracks at Sosueme this Wednesday 22 November. Doors open at 8pm!


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