Sydney music studio destroyed in weekend fire

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Sydney music studio destroyed in weekend fire

A music studio owned by several Sydney based producers has burnt down during a fire that ripped through the Sydney’s inner-west on the weekend.

The studio was part of a factory space on Marrickville’s Victoria Road, and was engulfed in flames on Friday night at around 9pm, with all the thousand of dollars worth of equipment within the space destroyed.

The studio was co-run by local group The Nights, who took to Facebook yesterday to share the devastating news. “We shared this space with Tim Commandeur and Lewi Hart. It sucks to say we’ve all lost our studio and live gear, but thankfully we’re all fine and in good spirit. Thanks to everyone that’s reached out. We really appreciate it. We’ll work hard to get everything sorted before our summer shows. See you then.”

Police are still currently investigating the fire. if anyone has any information please contact Crime Stoppers.


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