Lucianblomkamp has shared the first part of his new album

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Lucianblomkamp has shared the first part of his new album

Melbourne-based production wizard Lucianblomkamp has an interesting, enticing method for his new album’s rollout; we’re going to be receiving it in three parts dispersed throughout the coming year. Titled “Sick of What I Don’t Understand”, the first appetiser is here with 4 tracks of eerie downtempo pop, but with a lot of really interesting tricks being thrown in by Blomkamp.

The music is about as ambitious as the concept of the record, dealing with growth and self-realisation. Blomkamp pushes his capability as a producer to new heights experimenting with wonky beats alongside ambient passages. He works in some very left-field sounds and techniques, playing with a variety of alternative electronic styles to create a 4-track release that takes you on quite the cerebral journey. The opening track shows him focusing on creating immersive textures and droning soundscapes that come off as brooding and distant, while more accessible moments such as the last two tracks present his ability to accommodate his electro-pop and hip-hop tendencies.

We’re hype for the rest of what he’s got for us, but we’re not sure what to expect musically as he’s shown us so much ground on this short snack of a release. We can assume it’s going to satiate our need for insane production tricks, without making it too harsh on our ears.

Catch him live on his Australian run from November 3rd to the 11th across Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. He’ll be giving the crowd his new material as well as his widely loved collabs with 6lack and Seekae’s John Hassell, so check it out!


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