Listen to Tourist’s luscious new EP ‘Wash’

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Listen to Tourist’s luscious new EP ‘Wash’

The UK master of lush sounds Tourist has released his new EP, a snack-sized chiller full of pretty textures and light grooves. Finishing up some support gigs for the likes of Bonobo and Bob Moses, Tourist has racked up 2.5 million streams on the single ‘We Stayed Up All Night’ (ft. Ardyn) so the hype for this release was pretty strong.

The EP is shy, subtle and unassuming, putting more of an emphasis on dreamy synth-chords and backing it up with low-key percussive tones and rhythms. It’s haziness is alluring but can also serve as a pleasing backdrop. If you want something to zone out to for a brief period, let this be your soundtrack. If you’re just a sucker for the low-key, downtempo vibes of certain modern electronica, add this to your catalogue pronto. His remix work for artists such as HAIM and Chvrches have clearly triggered a slight change in style for him as some of these moments feel a lot more pop and lavish than previous material.

Not to mention he has a knack for accomodating vocal guests with appearances from Ardyn, JONES, Swim Mountain and Esther Joe, which is quite a lot for a four-track release. But maybe this could be a more common thing for Tourist to work with vocal guests more, and stick to a more pop-centric musical direction.

He’ll be playing sets at Lost Valley and FOMO, as well as a couple solo shows in Perth and Victoria in early Jan.


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